25 th November

Mahir goes to Cherbourg to welcome the Icon coming from Ireland (14:00) and to transfer it to Vaudricourt.

0/ (20:00) Waiting and welcome ceremony. Vigil.

26th November

1/ Prayer vigil in Vaudricourt, North of France, by the Missionary Oblates of Saint Casimir Institut.

2/ 2 pm the Icon is wellcomed by all 250 schoolboys in Courset runing to the school church for the first prayer vigil.

3/ Prayer vigil for life and Eucharistic adoration with the Emmanuel Community at Boulogne sur Mer (in front of England).

27th November

4/ Mass with children

5/ On the morning at the Maison de l'Immaculée, rue Boileau in Paris, the Icon wellcomed by a large polonaise, portuguese and indian community.

6/ At 12, Notre Dame du Lys, rue Blomet in Paris.

7/ The evening at the parish in Belloy en France, north of Paris, prayer vigil with local people.

28th November in Paris

8/ Morning: Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil, parish rue de Clignancourt in Paris: The Icon wellcomed by many children and a full church. Mary is the children Mother.

9/ Midday: Saint Pierre du Gros Caillou in Paris: many many Children praying for life (200).

10/ The evening at Saint-Etienne du Mont in Paris old towncenter: many students praying in front of the Eucharistic adoration, the Icon of Jasna Gora and the Notre-Dame-de-France statue.

11/Time of prayer in a large family in Fontainbleau (77)

29th november

12/ The Icon leaves Paris to Genlis parish near of Dijon (Burgondy), mass at 12. with the Icon, rosary, with a lot of people.

13/ The evening at Strasbourg (Alsace), wellcomed by polish motars and the polish community at Notre Dame de Lourdes.

30th November

14/ Mass with the Polish Community of Strasbourg

15/ Collège Saint Dominique at La baffe in the Vosges montains. Bernard drives in the snow. More than hundred schoolboys and girls educated by sisters.

16/ Back to Baillet-en-France, headquaters, Tamil and Travellers on the Confrérie Notre-Dame-de-France, north of Paris. Mass, rosary, with a large chaldean comnunity, during the night. The Chaldean speak the same language as Christ did.

1st December

17/ Sainte Geneviève parish at Garges-les-Gonesses, arm suburbs north of Paris.

18/ Cotellerie abbey at Laval (west of France), Petits Frères de Marie Mère du Rédempteur.

19/ Vannes cathedral (Bretagne), prayer vigil directed by the bishop Mrg Centene.

20/ Saint Anne d'Auray sanctuary (Bretagne), where are kept Holy Anne relics, prayer vigil with the Icon during the night.

2nd December

21/ Mass in Guérande parish, in Bretagne (west of France), in a full church

22/ Vigil with the copte orthodox community in Guérande (Bretagne). Many people during 2 days.


each time more than 500 people at Sunday Mass

over 150 and the time of prayer with the Copts and the Polish community

23/ Vigil with Teams "prayer of mothers' and children

24/ Alpha Course, Cells Parochial Evangelism, prayer groups Renewal

 4th December

25/ Notre Dame de Pellevoisin sanctuary (Touraine). A lot of young mothers praying for life.

26/ Fontgombault abbey & parish (Poitou): 88 monks very happy to welcome the Icon of Jasna Gora. Appointment with silence, says Bernard, who is invited by the Abbot to come back next time to the monastery.

5th December

27/ Great time of prayer with the monks at Lauds and Mass

28/ 2 pm rosary with many hundreds of children at Saint Bruno Parish in Bordeaux (Aquitaine).

29/ Lycée de la Sauque, south of Bordeaux. A lot of schoolboys & giels asking for wellcome the Icon themselves and animate the vigil. 

6th December

30/ back to Saint Bruno Parish in Bordeaux: new vigil.

31/ Go to Toulouse (South of France), the Icon welcomed by Femmes International Murs Brisés, an International Association of Assistance. Many Gipsies.

7th December

32/ Bagnères de Bigorre (Pyrénées), soeurs carmélites de l’Enfant-Jésus, where the sisters wanted to bring the Icon themshelves.

33/ Lourdes parish at the evening, with parish people, polish and Russian orthodox communities.

8th December

34/ International mass at the Lourdes Sanctuary celebrated by the bishop of Lourdes, several others bishops and many priests, 20.000 people despite of a big cold. The Icon in the middle of the procession. Then rosary at the Grotte: the Icon was settled on the autel in front of the big crowd. 

35/ Our Lady of Czestochowa in the Lourdes Grotto 

36/ Go to Nimes (Languedoc 450 kms to the east), at the Clarisses monastery. No photo because of cloister ! A point: sisters who were persecuted at Tibherine in Algeria were welcome at the monastery.

9th December

37/ Notre dame des Graces & Joseph sanctuary at Cottignac (Provence, south-east of France). At Cottignac, King Louis XIII, who couldn’t expect for a son with his wife in the beginning of the 17th century, prayed to St Joseph and promised to devote France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus if they had a son. The son Louis XIV came and the King devoted France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

38/ Saint Nazaire at Hyères parish in Toulon port. Wellcome by a chilian priest and a lot of people.

10th December

39/ La Servianne monastery in Marseille (Provence). Sisters wellcomed the Icon and prayed.

40/ Notre Dame de la Consolation parish in Toulon (Provence): rosary and Eucharistic adoration by the people.

40/ Saint Maximin monastery (Provence), prayer with sisters.

11th December

42/ Forcalqueiret parish (Provence), where the Icon was brought to dying people at home, after the rosary vigil. Mass & rosary for the non born babies.

12th December

43/ Sainte Victoire basilica in Saint-Raphaël (Provence): many people full church.

44/ Soeurs de la Consolation in Draguignan (Provence): the Icon welcome by many children with French flags.

45/ Les Adrets parish (Provence): Mass & rosary for the non born babies.

13th December

46/ Church of St. Therese, Holy Family Parish in Pau (South west of France back near Lourdes). 

47) Night prayer in a perpetual adoration chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in Pau

14th December

48/ Puyoô private chapel, Pays Basque, vigil between friends.

49/ Cathedral in Bayonne: Mass on Saturday celebrated by the Episcopal bishop with a lot of people. Wellcome by the bishop Aillet.

15th December

50) Mass with paroisiens

51/ early in the morning, last prayer vigil in the Saint André chapel in Bayonne with Spaniards and transfer to the Spaniards.